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Greatest Team on the Planet

Just found this pic of our staff and fam from Easter at the Colonial Theatre in the Berkshires (MA).



05 2009

Drum role please!

I’ll try to nail down and name the top seven things from the previous week.

7. My dog didn’t not pee all over me when I came home. Huge milestone!

6. Got my car stuck 2 times in my own driveway.

5. My small group met for the first time in a while last night…I miss those guys.

4. Got to speak last weekend, “Confessions of a Pastor.”

3. Leah’s sister kept our kids for us Friday night – THANK YOU!

2. Leah and I went to PF Changs and the movies (don’t see Jumper) – Date night rocks!

1. Busy, busy, busy…I’m tired. God’s rockin’ me!


03 2008

Break Away (1 of 4)

web_share.gif Last week at our Sr. Pastor, Buddy Cremeans confessed in our current series, “Confessions of a Pastor”, that sometimes he feels incredibly lonely. Well, here I sit here with only my Mac, the door closed, and the fluorescent lights as my company, and I wonder why I feel so alone. I feel like my, “sharing” button is off. Don’t know why. Don’t know what happened. Just happened. So how do I press, “start” and get on with it. How do I break away?

We’re about to kick-off another session of Connection Groups here at Northway and while previewing some of the study material for the groups, “Breakaway” by Andy Stanley caught my eye. It just made sense. What’s happening today didn’t just happen from my decisions, it all started with my beliefs. Got me thinking.

Some of the hard questions:

  • What are my beliefs?
  • What beliefs are driving my decisions?
  • What do I believe about God & me?

Asking these questions doesn’t come with quick answers. Think about it. Part two’s coming up!


02 2008


I definitely need the force on this one. Never done it before. But, I’m slowly learning how this whole blogging thing works. I’ll let you know how it turns out.



02 2008