Drew and Eli Update

Well the good news is Andrew’s eye is doing well and he did well on the hearing test at the ENT doc yesterday.  He does have scar tissue in one of his ears that will eventually cause hearing loss and of course will have to be surgically removed…that’s how we roll.  And he doesn’t go to the cardiologist for a couple of weeks…so nothing to worry about yet.

Tomorrow at 2:30pm is the appointment we’ve been dreading for awhile.  We go to the cardiologist for Eliana’s tests on her heart.  According to the doc, if nothing has changed and the trend of the pressure gradient for her aortic valve is the same…intervention is needed. First it would be balloon valvoplasty, then monitor it.  If that doesn’t work right then it’s on to valve replacement, which means open heart surgery every 1-2 years until she’s fully grown.

Please pray with us that God has changed her valve and made it grow…made it whole and complete. Looking at Eli, you’d never believe that she has heart issues.  We just don’t want her to go through this.  And selfishly, we don’t want the pain of it either.


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03 2009

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  1. Debbie Langille #

    Will be praying for you all, thanks for the updates. God bless! Take care, Deb

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