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My family has been hit hard this season.  We’ve been down and out the past couple of weeks.  The only members of the fam not affected are Leah and Dunkin’.  Eli’s got a wicked cough.  Andrew’s nose is running wild…like him.  Emily’s eyes, nose, and everything else that can be affected is driving her crazy.  Me and Emily are spitting images of one another.  So needless to say, we’ve been at war with the trees, flowers, grass, mold, dust…you get the point.

As a result, we’ve got more drugs in our house than a pharmacy.  I start allergy shots on Monday.  I’m also on Flonase, Optivar, and Allegra (just switched from Claritin).  Emily’s on Rhinocort, Zatidor, and Zyrtec.  Can’t give anything to Eli and Andrew loves the taste of Loratadine, the cheap version of Claritin.

Bottom line is we’ve been pretty much trapped in our own house.  Thank you Jesus for central air…we can’t open the windows on all of these beautiful days.  When the kids do go outside…showers all around, change the pillow cases, change jammies…get the enemy (allergens) out of this house.

I’m happy to say that order is returning to the health of the house…now that the meds are starting to work.  Now that everything’s bloomed out and things are getting back to normal – with the help of meds of course – I feel like the lady in Poltergiest when she says, “this house is clear.”

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05 2009

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  1. Marti #

    Oh, and remember to change the filters on the furnace and AC – makes a BIG difference! Glad you’re all back in the game.

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