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Long time no blog

I know I haven’t visited the blog world in quite some time, but life has been crazy.  Work has changed, the family is growing, priorities have shifted and life seems to be moving at a much faster pace these days.  Emily started, “real” school this year.  Andrew, after a series of surgeries, is in his last year of pre-k.  And Eliana will be 1 year old next week.

It’s hard to believe that one year ago, the most trying and challenging time of our lives was a huge reality.  You’d never think that Eli has any heart issue at all.  She by far is our most active, loud and cheerful baby.  Did I mention she eats like a horse?!  Don’t have a clue how her 15 pound frame handles all of it.

So we’ve played baseball, gone fishing, bought a van, had surgery (that’s Drew under the influence), Emi lost a tooth, and I got to drive a Shelby G500 KR.  (540 horsepower if you’re wondering)

This past year has been a challenging one, but on the other hand, it’s been the most blessed filled year of our marriage.  We’ve been broken and mended, in the valley and on the mountain top, sad and full of joy.  But one thing I know.  Our God has answered our prayer and He is so faithful to us.  I can’t imagine life without Him!

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