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Eliana Update

So yesterday we went to the long awaited cardiac appointment for Eli.  We’ve been anticipating this visit for months now.  Why?  Because although the repairs to her heart during surgery have held like glue, her aortic valve is just too small.  Although the docs have explained this in tons of medical terms, the way I understand it is that the valve hasn’t grown with the rest of the heart and it’s like a fire hydrant through a straw.  Ok, not that much pressure but you get the picture.

They use a measurement termed, “pressure gradient.”  Apparently the normal  number for you and me is around 4.  As Eli’s grown, the first couple of months of her life, the numbers doubled each visit until we reached about 57.  The cardiologist said that Eli can live a normal life with those numbers, especially since the other side of her heart has strengthened in size to accommodate the pressure. However, when the numbers reach 70 or so, intervention would happen.  And the cardiologist has been saying since day 1 that something will have to happen before her first birthday.  We’ve been praying specifically for just the opposite.  That God would not let the numbers go up.  About 6 months ago, the number went to 58.  And yesterday the valve showed a pressure gradient of 60…Praise God!

We know that God knows what’s best for her and we’re praying like crazy that no intervention will ever be needed for Eli.  On the other hand, although we don’t want to admit it, intervention may be needed as she gets older.  She’s only going to keep growing – although she’s not showing us that right now…14 pounds at 1 year old – and the valve won’t just start growing.

So, we’ll keep everyone posted as things develop, but for today and until our next visit – 6 months – we’re going to celebrate what God has done.  He’s healing her.  He’s given us the most energetic joy magnet ever.  Eli’s such a blessing to us and we are still in awe of her.  Eliana – My God has Answered.

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