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Eliana Update

Blogging has of course taken back seat to three kids, work and life in general, but here we find ourselves again…the seventh floor of Albany Med has seen the Clem family way too much.

Eliana’s was so good this morning as we waited for her turn with the pediatric cardiologist.  No food, no drink, just mom and dad and great family to help keep her busy.  Trust me…she’s been busy.

As the nurses came in to start the first steps of getting her ready, she kept a close eye  on all of them.  Too many experiences with nurses…she knows what’s going on…a veteran.

Unfortunately, mom & dad have become veterans too.  We don’t like it, but oddly enough, going through this 6 times in the last year and a half have helped calm our nerves a bit.  Emily with her hernia surgery, then Eli with her first two, then Andrew’s two eye surgeries, then Leah with hers…now Eli’s turn again.  We also just found out that Drew has to have another procedure for his eyes.  Will we ever be done with the hospitals?

I just took Eliana back to the nurses and doctors to perform her valvuloplasty and they let me go back with her and help put the gas mask on to have her sedated.  I don’t care how many times I’ve done this, it is never easy seeing your child crying in fear, wondering who all those people are, and wondering why daddy isn’t helping her.

I did my best to keep eye contact with her and talking to her so that she could hear my voice.  She was crying hard (the best for deep breaths of the gas), looking at the docs…I fought to get her eyes on me.  I know she saw her daddy hovering over her, praying and saying her name as she fell asleep.  If there’s a comfort to any of this, it’s that.  She knew I was there.

So here we sit, yet again.  Fresh Starbucks coffee, great family, and a lot of prayer…waiting.

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