A Typical Night at the Clem’s

A quick update – Eliana’s doctor’s appointment with her cardiologist went great.  We don’t have to go back for 4 months.  The results were truly an answer to prayer.  As most of you know, the pressures in her heart were too high and about a month ago, she underwent a valvuloplasty.  The procedure went well and the outcome is that the pressures were decreased about 50%.  Our God has answered.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers.  We truly appreciate them!

On a side note…three kids makes for very interesting experiences.  Eliana loves to dance.  Andrew’s working on dexterity exercises and Emily is full of questions.  Oh…the innocence of children.

Eliana Dancing from Chad Clem on Vimeo.

Andrew’s Exercise from Chad Clem on Vimeo.

Emily’s Question #1 from Chad Clem on Vimeo.

Emily’s Question #2 from Chad Clem on Vimeo.

Emily’s Question #3 from Chad Clem on Vimeo.

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03 2010

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  1. 1

    love eli dancing. lol.
    i love the face andrew makes when he was all done.
    and i am scared for questions like emilies. lol. but they are sweet and innocent and hilarious ata the same time.
    def made mesmile the whole time.

  2. Mandy Cornick #

    Oh my gosh Emily was too cute!!!!

  3. Marti #

    I think Eli is going to be a singer also! As to Emily’s questions, I can see the two of you (you and Emily) collaborating on a children’s book. Great questions and I’d love to hear/read how you answered them.

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